Solar Amplification by Stimulated Emission Radiation

John D. Bernard  W4JSS 
Principal Investigator

R. Douglas Starwalt  KB4FEM
RF Engineering



A project based on an experimental attempt to mix microwave signals with the solar radio spectrum and receiving these signals back on Earth.

The SASER Project: Solar Flare/Radio Plot Data Click to Go Live!
I. Abstract Class X Flare Detected
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Solar Radio Spectrum at
JSS Solar Observatory
II. Introduction to SASER
III. Review of the Literature System Block Diagram Solar Xray Detector on GOES 10 - NOAA
IV. Solar Bounce Strategy  
V. Project Management and Timeline HOT Solar Links  
VI. Equipment Requirements Today's Space Weather

Contact - JSS

VII. References Solar Space Environment (Primer)
 VIII. Acknowledgements Lockheed Martin Solar Lab
Appendix - Database Reports Hiraiso Solar Terrestrial Research  
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