South Carolina 2017 Eclipse Planning Stage Details 

Our invitation to our former students to join us, and all information regarding this SC 2017 eclipse team
 preparation and our plan of execution can be found

Specific, detailed technical information about this 2017 eclipse can be found
 on the world recognized eclipse site of Fred Espenak at:

More information and some interesting facts about Eclipse Chasers can be found on Bill Kramer's site:

The 2017 South Carolina Total Solar Eclipse Training Guide/Video is Available

SC Charleston Ground Game Capture

We are pleased to announce that Terry R Richardson, a Senior Instructor in the Physics and Astronomy Department for 35 years, at the College of Charleston will be leading our Charleston Eclipse Team.

 In addition to helping coordinate the Physics Department expedition, he is developing an inexpensive Solar Telescope for Eclipse and Sunspot Observations to use for the eclipse.

Participating with Terry so far we have Barbara Britain, an original 1970 Lower Richland Astronomy Club student; Christopher Balding, a mentored student from Pickens High School 12 years ago and presently working as a Lead Avionics technician for Gulfstream; and a visiting guest from Denmark, Palle Johansen, who happens to be an excellent astrophotographer.

For specifics about the Charleston eclipse venture you guys can contact Terry at:

843 670-7878, see his office hours at:

or email him at:

Click on a short video of Terry talking astronomy with some students:


  SC Columbia Ground Game Capture

We are pleased to have Nydia Fernandez Burdick, with us 47 years ago at Lower Richland High School, leading and making decisions for our Columbia team which may have multiple optical telescopes, and possibly a group from from the Jewish Community Center may join them.

She is finalizing the site location... seeking land use permission from the local Boy Scout Camp, near the center line of Totality.

On the right you can see her latest addition for the eclipse, an Orion 5" Mak-Cassigrain telescope.

She may be reached on Facebook, under her name, and on her phone at 803 798-8296, and by email:

Nydia at Melton Observatory - USC - 1969:          

SC Upstate Ground Game Capture

The SC Upstate ground team will be led by 4 retired Clemson researchers,
 2 PhDs and 2 Research Specials:
 (L/R) Mickey Hall, Evanne Thies,  Elaine Richardson, and Roxanne Bernard.

Contact: see email below


Upstate Air Game Capture

The Gotha Eclipse Stik Mission

This build project is about designing and building a First Person View/Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (fpv/uav) plane to  photograph the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse over South Carolina... higher up in clear air. The vehicle must carry 16 oz of cameras, fly smoothly in totality for  2m 30s, and complete a round trip flight of 40 minutes. We are now building and testing a loitering slow flyer.

To meet the Air Team and to see full details:


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