South Carolina 1970 Total Solar Eclipse 

Yep... regular club meeting about the upcoming 1970 eclipse.

Using our sequence of photos, we show the moon racing to uncover the Sun after the 1970 totality.

Here we are at Melton Observatory on the USC Campus

Capture of diamond rings on both sides of totality.
Here are the elusive total solar eclipse

Diamond Rings.


Here is a different story twist... This 8th grader is my State Farm agent's son, Mark Young. His Dad hearing me give a talk about the eclipse asked me to let his son participate with my students. This speaks for our Lower Richland families... their kids helping younger kids with an experience of a lifetime.

A second interesting story: a USC classmate of mine, Terry Richardson custom cut the tube down on this inexpensive Sears 2.5" Refractor so the image fell on the focal plane of Mark's camera. Terry in later years recommended me for Planetarium Director at the Charleston Museum... got the job.

Inner corona - Totality

Practicing is over... At 2:00 in the morning we loaded the students, parents, and equipment for a dash along the eclipse path for a hole in the sky. We land in a farmer's pasture in NC setting up for the eclipse... He asked only one thing: that his kids see it through the telescope... yes! of course... especially after he dropped a huge power cord out of a barn 200' away! Now it's time for charting and timing camera settings and clicks.

From frame to frame the students could measure the rise and fall of the prominences on the surface of the sun.

On the eclipse site, as the sky is darkening, we are still working with our 8th grader stow-away. This is a USC student Kathleen Bernard helping Mark Young. [That's the farmer on the left... Elco, NC] Our students were locked in with 4 telescopes, 1 with a 16mm movie camera loaned to us from Jackson Camera in Columbia.

Actual photosphere shot the students used in their science papers for the South Carolina Junior Academy of Science


The 1970 Total Solar Eclipse Movie
as filmed by
The Lower Richland High School Astronomy Club

Student shot 1970 Total Solar Eclipse

The Official Final Report of the 1970 South Carolina Solar Eclipse Team
 Headquartered at the University of South Carolina under Dr John L Safko, Director




The report of our visit with the Meteorologists at the Columbia Metropolitan Airport
and soliciting their help in making the right call on Eclipse day



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