1984 Mexico Annular Solar Eclipse 

This is the only eclipse where I missed the 4-5 seconds of the "ring of fire" phenomenon associated with an Annular Eclipse. Coming out of Matamoros on Hwy 101, going south, we knew we were in trouble with the cloud layer. We made our planned turn on Mex20 going to the center line, now racing along looking for the hole in the sky. As we approached contact for totality we saw this rocky road with thinner clouds down the road... we barreled down at 60 mph for 15 minutes in our 1980 Chevy Celebrity until, at the last possible minute, we had to make our jump move for setup. We got 4 shots through the high cirrus, missed max eclipse, BUT we got the first shot ever in 4 eclipses of the planet... Venus.

This is my gorgeous wife Roxanne and one of my best friends Weldon Settle, a machine shop manager, and a Texas Aggie Mechanical Engineer, from Houston.


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