Mexico 1991 Total Solar Eclipse 

Roxanne Bernard (L) with a fellow eclipse chaser on our site.


The eclipse site was located down a cobblestone road running unto a mango tree lined dirt road, leading to Majarritt near the town of Las Higueras, Nayarrit, Mexico. We were located at approximate longitude 105 3' 40" and latitude 21 45' 0".

The totality, second contact (first diamond ring) occurred at approximately 19:03:11 UT and ended with third contact (second diamond ring) at 19:10:00 UT for an elapsed totality of 6' 49"

Above image filmed on Ektar ASA 100, F/10 , 1 second exposure.

It is my practice to always book a guide and driver to get us to the hole in the sky on the center line of the path of an eclipse... In this case meet Jesus of Puerto Vallarta.



30 minutes later the sky began to clear, and almost 99% clear...


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